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IJS Judges Stand
Lake Placid (Adult Nationals) - April 2008

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Full stands
2 rows of stands - about 10 rows high in the seating area.
Upper row is the Technical Panel, accountants, and announcer.
Lower row is the judges and referee.
Upper Row
Upper row.
Lower Row
Lower row.
The Announcer had a display from the Accountants Primary laptop so they could read the scores after each skater.
IVR Processor
IVR Procesor in the Accountants area.
Accountants area.
Accountants and DEO
Accountants and the Data Entry Operator
DEO and TP
Data Entry and Technical Panel area.
TP and Video
Technical Panel and Video Tagger.
Upper row
The stand was a series of small tables - long legs in back and short lets in front - placed over a row of seats.
Judges from above
View from the TP area - looking over the judges and on to the ice.
Table detail
Small table detail - legs build out of 2x2, lip at top to prevent pencils from falling - space for a single official.

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